Business Support

There are many opportunities for business support offered by the RGA. They are designed to educate, and inform members of the RGA on the various tools and resources that can foster economic growth, business development and business outreach.

The Business Support program, coordinated by the RGA since 2004 and funded by Patrimoine Canada, helps businesses become bilingual, offers services in french and supports businesses in the use of both official languages. Established to meet the needs of businesses to increase and improve the delivery of services in English and French within the greater national capital region.

The project is intended to demonstrate that the use of bilingualism in business allows:

  • Acquire a larger clientele;
  • Improve the quality of of customer service ;
  • Exceed customer expectations ;
  • Value and respect the clientele ;
  • Demonstrate professionalism ;
  • Ensure profitability.

Mentoring and Education

As the phrase “rolling stone does not grow foam,” in this context, being able to interact with colleagues and business associates is essential. This provides information on new entrepreneurial trends, new business and economic developments, and laws that may have a direct or indirect impact on businesses and organizations in the nation’s capital region.

Access to mentoring, 5 to 7, entrepreneurial speed dating and conferences provide opportunities to interact with business colleagues and enhance one’s knowledge.

In short, mentoring and education are some of the resources available to RGA companies to support them in achieving excellence and business success.

Offered Services

Thus, the program offers services such as low-cost translation, French-language oral communication workshops adapted to the service sector and also support to recruit bilingual staff.

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