For Immediate Release

Ottawa, August 1, 2017 – The National Capital Business Regroup is pleased to announce a full-fledged independent ministry for Francophone Affairs in Ontario, with Marie-France Lalonde.

It is a new and more than a happy turning point for the Franco-Ontarian community. The fact that the government recognizes that the Francophone population is necessary for Ontario’s growth gives even greater weight to this community, which represents about 5% of the province. In addition, Ms Lalonde will be the first to take on the role of minister in this new position, her determination for the Francophonie in the province of Ontario has borne fruit.

Also, an autonomous ministry will have a direct impact on the economy. Obviously, the budget will change, economic and human resources will be adjusted to meet the needs of this new portfolio. “As a Francophone organization established in Ontario and having a place of choice in the regional economic space, we can rejoice in this news, both for the Regroupement itself and for our Franco-Ontarian members. “Says Yves Ducharme, President of the RGA. “Of course, this is a new major for francophone organizations working in Ontario, and this is a step forward for our community. “Added the President.

About RGA

The RGA promotes leadership by mobilizing economic partners on both sides of the Ottawa River to ensure economic prosperity, unparalleled quality of life and bilingual services for the National Capital Region. By bringing the region’s business people together in a francophone and francophile economic force, it creates a climate conducive to the well-being of its members and contributes to regional economic development.

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